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    Luxury is not a word, it’s D3 Yachts.

    Our expensive luxury yachts are designed in such a way that they compete with the amenities of a sailing cruise ship. The deluxe accommodation, spacious interiors, and dazzling exteriors of our premium luxury yachts are a perfect fit for an adventurous expedition. You are getting a chance to experience the breeze of Kochi with a completely different feel. The leisure spaces inside the yachts are a blend of contemporary luxury and classic elegance, with rich furniture pieces exclusively reserved for your special occasions. You can just lie back while having a sip of your favourite drink, enjoying the ambience and the elegant spaces. You would never have had this feeling of a one-of-a-kind charter yacht experience before any of your cruises in Cochin. When you wish to recreate, entertain, and unwind yourself, then there’s nothing else that exists other than D3 Yachts. We create a world for you using our magic wand, casting spells to make you experience a world of boating adventure. The tailor-made amenities and itineraries we make for our guests to make their holiday a memorable one is what makes us the best boat cruise in Cochin. Along with an unforgettable trip, you can also enjoy the finest cuisine we have arranged as per your prerequisites.

    A perfect yacht for a perfect vacation

    D3 Yachts strives to ensure quality and excellence throughout the process, from yacht booking to the time where you step off our yacht. What you will get from a yacht trip is a collective experience that strengthens human relationships. Be it friends, family, or colleagues, your seamless journey can make you a new person, a better version of you. For everyone on board, we can guarantee a perfect boat trip in Kochi that has met all your expectations. Be in touch with our trusted staff for a smooth charter planning service.

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      Happy journey with a happier crew

      D3 Yachts is blessed to have an amazing crew onboard to serve our customers. They are simultaneously your guide and guardian. Listen to their stories backed with years of experience and knowledge that can show you an entirely new Kochi. Since we provide only the best boat tours in Kochi, our great crew also includes only the best candidates, all of whom have astounding skills.

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      Journey submerged in music

      We provide a music system for leisure for our guests just like any other cruise ship company in Kochi. Right in the middle of the sea, you could listen to your favourite songs, and that too, very crisp and clear from the yacht audio system. Create an aura of music around you, dance according to its rhythm and get yourself carried away.

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      Onboard adventure and fun

      The onboard adventure and fun on D3 Yachts is never-ending. Watch the ardent beauty of the starry night or experience the flow of frames of a cinema, or arrange a disco party or piano concerto- the list of entertainment and activities you can include in your yacht cruise in Kochi is endless. To create a surrealistic world, you have it all.

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      World-class amenities

      D3 Yachts provides world-class amenities for our guests who book our boat cruise in Kochi. With full teak decks, an outdoor Jacuzzi, plenty of loungers and outdoor seating, all the amenities aboard are extensive. Activities like deep sea fishing and sport fishing can be done on the vast deck space, or you can soak up the sun while sightseeing or do something amazing. The facilities inside are also incredible, with a kitchen, sofas, and much more.

    Unlimited fun and entertainment

    D3 yachts rentals company can be compared to small cruise ships in Kochi or luxury cruise ships in Kochi. In either way, our yachts can compete with the facilities they can offer. The entertainment facilities we provide can keep you entertained and engaged. In your charter you could also include fishing, party, sightseeing or some other interesting activities. You can also have an amazing view of the about-to-set sun. Some of our yachts can also provide other facilities such as screens as per client requirement. If you wish, you can add to the music library your favourite songs. You can include some board games that can keep you and your family and friends entertained. Bring several decks of cards to keep up the spirit of onboard gaming. You have the luxury of converting a normal deck to a dance floor, preparing a feast while enjoying pleasant dinner music, or even taking a dip in the Jacuzzi. For those looking for fun, our yachts are the best option to have.

    The right yacht for the right voyage

    A yacht cruise in Kochi can be made into something close to your heart if you get the right yacht and the right crew. According to your preference for its amenities and your lifestyle requirements, you can choose the yacht you need for your journey. The private yacht you booked can make you shiver with excitement. Luxury yachts from D3 Yachts are safe options for safe travel as we can offer you breathtaking services. The gorgeous shores you explore while on your expedition are exactly what you have dreamed of on a yacht vacation.
    Even though other companies offer Cochin cruise packages which are according to their conditions and limitations, D3 Yachts is not doing so, at least for now. Because we know that every customer is different and that we cannot follow the policy of one- size-fits-all. Our guests have complete control over the itinerary, starting from sightseeing to food. This makes us different from all other yacht rental service companies.
    Instead of a cruise ship tour in Kochi, just make a slight change in your itinerary. This time, try out a voyage with D3 Yachts as we help our guests to pursue their dream of sailing on a yacht. One thing is for sure, you will be able to create something truly spectacular. We believe that we are responsible for you. That is why once you charter a yacht from D3 Yachts, we assist you in enjoying the experience and exploring the hidden beauties of nature. The spacious area of our yacht serves you and your family or friends well enough to experience the Kochi waters. With all our modern equipment and facilities, we are among the top yacht rental brands in Cochin.

    Mind-blowing private boat
    rides in Kochi

    D3 Yachts is a dedicated yacht booking service in Cochin, Kerala. When it comes to yacht charters, you will be looking for something truly relaxing. Get ready to travel in style and comfort with our yachts. The modern technology we use in our yachts will enhance your experience of travelling. The comfortable beds, luxurious interiors, and modern amenities that you will get inside our yachts can be matched with the standards of a party cruise in Kochi. The facilities we provide are far beyond what words can explain.
    Our booking service is so simple that you just need to contact our staff and they will revert. Everything now after the call is carried out by us. You just need to be with your friends and family on the trip. When you book our boat rides in Kochi, you can enjoy first-class service and facilities. With the comfort of a luxury yacht, you can cruise over the Arabian Sea. We have more than a decade of hands-on experience in luxury yachting as we are a Middle-East based company running successfully. Our detailed planning can make your trip wonderful as never before. Just relieve your stress and enjoy the moment.
    So if you want to seek adventure, come and charter our luxury yachts. We can guarantee you a different and exciting experience. While on board, you are the emperor and we serve you. The only thing you need to do is relax and unwind with all the facilities available. You can avail entertainment and dining options that can be done according to your request.

    An unbeatable cruise in Kochi
    with luxury services

    D3 Yachts' professional ethics has won over the hearts of our customers over the years because every service is delivered with a smile on our faces. The trust that we build is what makes our guests come from afar to avail our services. For their special occasions, they always prefer D3 Yachts. Whether it be dinners, sight-seeing trips, birthday celebrations, corporate meetings or even deep sea fishing, what comes first to their minds is the name D3 Yachts, as we provide the best yachts in Kochi. Our boat trips in Kochi are backed up by personal services that meet your needs and desires. D3 Yachts is the first and only yacht charter company in Cochin that can provide you with world-class yacht services. Even a sunset cruise on our yachts stands out from the crowd. Our team of professional charter management specialists will take care of everything right from the booking to managing your yacht for charter.
    A luxury cruise in Cochin is never complete without yachts from D3 Yachts. Our years of experience in the yachting industry and our unrivalled knowledge will help you a lot on your yacht trip. Our dedicated crew helps you by taking care of the maintenance, sailing, and navigation throughout the journey. This is also the simplest reason behind our success—the excellent condition of the yachts due to our professional crew. Experience everything that we offer, including unmatched luxury and relaxation. We will guide you throughout your journey, making you experience a sea which is entirely different from the one that you have seen before. So get ready to experience luxury at sea.

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